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Potential Collaborations

Always willing to collaborate on a piece. Currently really into dancehall and casino rueda.


This is an all guys piece I did for fun. Filmed at the MIT Media Lab. It was performed from members of Mocha Moves, Ridonkulous, and Imobilare. Thanks to the guys forthe quick learn and video!

This piece was for an interlude for the MIT DanceTroupe show, "NSFW." The dancers are members of Mocha Moves and Project Nailz. Filmed at the Boston Commons.

I also choregraphed an all Drake piece for the MIT DanceTroupe show, "NSFW", entitled Do Right And Kill Everything, or DRAKE. The songs chosen for this piece were Miss Me by Drake, Little Bit by Lykke Li ft. Drake, Replacement Girl by Drake ft. Trey Songz, and In The Morning by J. Cole ft. Drake.