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Founding the Stand Up Comedy Club at MIT

The Stand-Up Comedy Club, SUCC, is a stand-up comedy group I founded my freshman year at MIT. The idea is to foster the talents of students, staff, and others interested in comedy and tone their skills to provide them with a foot in the door to the comedy community in Boston and Cambridge.

Each year, the group hires a local Boston comedian to provide classes to our members. The course is one hour a week for six weeks and culminates in an open mic performance by the new members in front of an audience of their choosing. By choosing their audience, the new comedians ease their transition into comedy by having a supportive group of friends on their first "live" performance.

In the spring, the group performs at MIT, Cambridge and Boston to raise funds for the next year's comedy professor. But the open mic "graduation" of our new members each year is free to the public (only an invite is required). The Spring event is usually attended by 100+ fans and hosted by comedy names like Dana Jay Bein & Mehran Khaghani, who always bring a few comedy friends to perform along side our MIT superstars!

In 2010, my MIT stand-up comedy group was ranked top 16 by Rooftop Comedy's National College Comedy Competition! We competed against other local college groups in the Boston area and dominated the competition in our first appearance! We were featured on a TBS college comedy special.