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Fixing my Jeep

While in LA working at SpaceX, I bought my first car! A 1990 stick-shift Jeep Wrangler. Her name is Roxie (inspired because Roxanne by The Police came on once while driving down PCH during sunset, and I can't get that image out of my head). I bought it used pre-owned so there are were a few things I needed to fix before I consider it ready.

    Replace the bent Lift Springs.
    Fix bracket on the driver's seat.
    Install stereo.
    Adjust the governor valve.
        Make a hardtop cover out of fiberglass.
    Fix bumper by heating it and straightening it.
    Fix the rim.
    Purchase a new tire.
    Replace the adjustable linkage in the suspension.
    Fix right reverse light.
    Add cup holder or center console.
    Replace air duct and a/c filter.
    Put a black box in the trunk.
    Clean the rugs.
    Replace bent steering column.