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Dates September 2009 to September 2011

Location Humans and Automation Lab, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Computer Aided Design SolidWorks, Inkscape (Vector-based Graphic Design)

Programming Languages Java, Processing


Human Operators Monitoring Emergent Reactors Software

UPDATE: Kristopher Thornburg from the Humans and Automation Lab used this software for a paper entitled, "Operator Performance in Long Duration Control Operations: Switching from Low to High Task Load"

HOMER is a software program interface I created for the Humans and Automation Lab that simulated a nuclear reactor to test human supervisory control during long duration studies. The interface is called Humans Operator Monitoring Emergent Reactors, or HOMER for short (and laughs). The interface uses Processing Language for visuals, and includes modals, pop-ups, alarms with visuals and sounds, as well as questions asked and answered by the user in a chat box format. It logs all responses, actions and events into text files, and aligns all audio, user input, and video recordings from sessions into a visual timeline for quick summary information. HOMER is now being used by graduate students in MIT's Humans and Automation Lab for research.