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Dates August 2013 to August 2014

Location Hawthorne, CA

Fabrication Lathe, Molding and Casting, Composites

Computer Aided Design NX, Inkscape (Vector-based Graphic Design)

Programming Languages Python


Intra-Vehicular Space Suit

For my first full-time job, I worked as a Mission Assurance and Astronaut Safety Engineer at Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX). My role was to start the development of an Intra-Vehicular Activity (IVA) Space Suit that SpaceX would build in-house. Additionally, I provided technical support for internal investigations of mission mishaps to improve future missions.

The cool (and bad) part about working at SpaceX, is that I can't inform you much about the work I completed. I'd encourage you to look at the link on the side of this page to get the current progress of Crew Dragon (My work was in 2013, so I can't take credit for everything you see on the SpaceX website now. Lots of talented people have added to the work since my departure). However, while I was there I

  • • Researched, developed, implemented, built and tested components and material layers of an IVA space suit while interfacing with other crew systems including seats, environmental controls and life support systems, communications, and displays.
  • • Performed detailed space suit design, analysis, and development testing as part of design cycles.
  • • Prepared space suit qualification and acceptance test plans, test stands, and procedures.