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Dates September 2016 to Current

Location Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex, Boston, MA


My Modular Optical Brain Imager (MOBI) is an optics based portable brain imager used to assist in drastically shortening recovery time post-stroke. It funded by the National Institutes of Health . The motivation came from when I was developing a Space Suit for SpaceX. I was looking for a non-invasive device to integrate into an astronauts helmet to both assist in determining a "fit for flight" metric, and to assist in quantifying recovery post traumatic brain injuries that may occur in low-resource environments.

Demo of Modular Optical Brain Imager (MOBI), our fNIRS module

This video was prepared for the 7th annual NIH BRAIN Initiative Investigator's Conference in June 2021. This video highlights features of the fNIRS module we developed under NIH NINDS R01-EB026998.