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Location Hawthorne, CA

Fabrication Lathe, Molding and Casting, Composites

Computer Aided Design NX, Inkscape (Vector-based Graphic Design)

Programming Languages Python


Intra-Vehicular Space Suit Designer

I worked as a Space Suit Designer at Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX). My role was to start the development of an Intra-Vehicular Activity (IVA) Space Suit that SpaceX would build in-house. Additionally, I provided technical support for internal investigations of mission mishaps to improve future missions.

  • ○ Researched, developed, implemented, built and tested components and material layers of an IVA space suit while interfacing with other crew systems including seats, environmental controls and life support systems, communications, and displays.
  • ○ Performed detailed space suit design, analysis, and development testing as part of design cycles.
  • ○ Prepared space suit qualification and acceptance test plans and procedures, including the manufacturing of a mobile testing stand.
  • ○ Suit worn during May 2020 launch!
  • ○ Synthesized flight qualification requirements from 30+ interviews with astronauts, engineers, and NASA mission control operatives to build a “bad*ss” flight-ready space suit (Elon’s actual requirement!) in 18 months.
  • ○ Performed biweekly Reviews with the CEO and entire space suit team, including NASA partners of the CCDev contract.