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Location Cambridge, MA


At the start of the 2020 COVID pandemic, I became the turnaround President for TDC (Theta Delta Chi), a living group community. With unsustainable finances, a drop in membership, massive debt, and large maintanence costs in the next couple of years, the organization was in need of a transformation in order to improve their profitability, performance, and overall sustainability.

    During my tenure, I...
  • ○ Lead a $15 million partnership by facilitating negotiations and conflict resolution between stakeholders.
  • ○ Assisted in development of project budget, scope, and initial proposal.
  • ○ Worked with a 27-person remote cross-functional team of architects, lawyers, and engineers from 3 different organizations in the design of an incubator site and development of new member programming.
  • ○ Led team to perform architecture studies, concept development, verification planning, system integration, staff forecasting, and operations support.
  • ○ Set communication cadence with stakeholders and management to report project progress and risk mitigation.
  • ○ Recruited new alumni house corporation members, including a new treasurer, house manager, IT member, and a new house corporation President.
  • ○ Led biweekly meetings with the board and undergraduate members.
  • ○ Organized Design Thinking workshops to get alignment of outcomes from all parties, and create actionable items.
  • ○ Organized Alumni Banquet fundraising events.

As of 2024, TDC has conditionally approved renovation plans of the facility to upgrade the living areas while introducing a public facing incubator in partnership with a local VC. TDC has also adopted a co-ed model to better fit the culture of inclusivity present in its members. Additionally, a makerspace was founded to attract talend and capacitate members to perform routine maintenance on the facility. In 2023, Theta Delta Chi was awarded the "Best Chapter" on MIT's campus. All this was completed without raising the membership dues of the members.