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This work was instrumental in my nomination for my Latino 30 under 30 award. Also much of the content is private, you can see some items this group made public on our site. In particular, check out the press release

2020 Tribu Press Release

In the struggle between doing well or doing good, Tribu guides the rising minority in doing both.

Tribu is an online discussion platform for Latinos to explore avenues of emerging life-struggles for new professionals, all from the perspective of peers with similar cultures, backgrounds, and ambitions. A tribe member’s real-life ongoing experiences lead the conversations through topics such as code-switching, being aggressive vs assertive, empathy generation, fulfillment & financial wealth, and traditions vs myths. Spirit Guides, professionals with experiences in community building, self-examination, and personal management, help guide the tribe through curated reflections, inquiries, and growth strategies. The 15 person tribes use WhatsApp to communicate written and oral thoughts to the group whenever the need to release an idea arises. Tribu provides organization, strategy, and a tight group of collaborators to ensure personal and communal growth.

Why “Tribu”?

La Tribu means The Tribe. Before the modern culture of individual families living isolated from each other, people lived in tribes, groups of families that provided support for each other. This was especially true in Latino culture. This inclusive, community living led to not only support networks, but gave rise to the Mestizos, the conglomerate and blending of different cultures into a unified heritage. The term tribe emphasizes that although we have taken different paths and are in different points in our journeys, we all have a common heritage, and more importantly, and common want, that can best be achieved when different families work together.