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  • 2018 Dent The Future Scholar
  • Northeastern Future Faculty Fellow (2017)
  • Srikeforce Fellow Finalist (2017)
  • IDEA Ventures Prototype Fund 2017 Recipient
  • IDEA Ventures Prototype Fund 2016 Recipient
  • MIT Hacking Arts Finalist (2016)
  • MIT Theta Delta Chi Frances Swain Memorial Award (2016)
  • MIT Theta Delta Chi Phil Bannister Academic Award (2012)
  • Distinguished Alumnus Award by LA's Best (2011)


  • Innovation and Creativity for Social Transformation FabLab Cali in Cali, Colombia (Spanish)


  • Samuel S. Schreiver, Timothy P. Setterfield, Morris D. Vanegas, et al, An overnight habitat for expanding lunar surface exploration, Acta Astronautica, Volume 112, July 2015, Pages 158-170

Conference Papers

  • Vanegas, M., Stirling, L. Characterization of Sensor Placement Variability on the Human Body Upon Repeated Donnings and Doffings, IEEE Body Sensor Network, Cambridge, MA, (2015)


  • Vanegas, M. Stirling, L. Characterization of inertial measurement unit placement on the human body upon repeated donnings, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, (2016).

White Papers

  • ○ Schreiner, S., Setterfield, T., Sheerin, T., Vanegas, M., Design and Simulation of an Integrated CMG and Thruster Control System, (SSL2013-12), MIT Space Systems Laboratory, Cambridge, MA, (2013).
  • ○ Thornburg, K.M., et al, Operator Performance in Long Duration, Low Task Load Control Operations, (HAL2011-04), MIT Humans and Automation Laboratory, Cambridge, MA, (2011).

Media Coverage

  • Choi. C. An inflatable tent for camping on the moon, Popular Science Magazine, June 11, 2015, < http://www.popsci.com/camping-moon>


  • Teaching Assistant - 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism (MIT) - 2016